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Quick Getaway At Montage Laguna

When you take the time to explore outside your hometown, you'd be surprised with what hidden gems lie just a couple miles away from home. Only a 20-minute drive from my suburban neighborhood, Montage Laguna served as the perfect getaway from the boring repetition of my work schedule.


Spending 48 Hours At The Happiest Place On Earth

Spending 48 hours at Disneyland earlier this week was definitely the quick getaway I needed to loosen up a bit from the stressful week I previously had.


Meeting Instagram Friends In The Windy City

All it took was one trip to The Windy City to blow me away - literally. However, enduring through Chicago's 20-degree weather and powerful winds on a daily basis happened to be one of the last things on my mind when exploring this new city. Why is that, you ask? Well, let's rewind back a bit.