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Instagram Takeover at Hotel G San Francisco

With its prominent black sign and signature brand letter, you can easily spot Hotel G from afar while driving through the jam-packed streets of Union Square. Located at the heart of Downtown San Francisco, Hotel G serves as the perfect getaway place for both travelers and foreign tourists. While exploring San Francisco for a good four days straight, Sharon and I additionally had the honor of taking over Hotel G's Instagram account (@hotelg_sf) to show our followers a good time around the city.


Spending 48 Hours At The Happiest Place On Earth

Spending 48 hours at Disneyland earlier this week was definitely the quick getaway I needed to loosen up a bit from the stressful week I previously had.


Meeting Instagram Friends In The Windy City

All it took was one trip to The Windy City to blow me away - literally. However, enduring through Chicago's 20-degree weather and powerful winds on a daily basis happened to be one of the last things on my mind when exploring this new city. Why is that, you ask? Well, let's rewind back a bit.


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